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ESPOIR Pro Tailor Foundation Be Velvet

ESPOIR Pro Tailor Foundation Be Velvet

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A whole new concept velvet matte texture suggested by espoir to provide perfectly thin base makeup.
The easy blending allows soft coverage of pores and uneven skin to make smooth and clear skin.
The new concept velvet matte texture that is thinly applied on skin provides light skin texture even when applied for multiple times.
The skincare base and vegan certification for sensitive skin types provide comfortable feeling of use.
Acquired EVE certification, and free from paraben, allergens, and 7 harmful ingredients.
Be Velvet Fitting Sponge for better adherence on skin.
4 ivory shades of espoir designed with color measurement data.
Featured ingredients
Contains white sapphire powder to provide 48-hour lasting clear skin.
How to use
Make sure to shake the product up and down before use.
Take adequate amount and then gently apply along skin texture.
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