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ESPOIR Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion 13G*2 (MAIN ITEM + 1 REFILL)

ESPOIR Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion 13G*2 (MAIN ITEM + 1 REFILL)

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It is an ultimate cover cushion that covers pores more densely.
It is a superior velvet matte product proposed by espoir, a brand known for expressing skin as thin as your own.
It has a new concept velvet matte texture that you can use without worrying about the amount adjustment.
Upgraded with the absorbent complete with heating technology to allow more detailed application.
Blocks blue lights, completed primary skin irritation test, completed low irritation test, and completed dermatology test.
This vegan-certified foundation helps defend against environmental aggressors and blue light while being gentle on skin.
The 5 ivory shades of espoir designed with clear colorimetry data provide perfect shade for your skin tone.
Featured ingredients
The high-definition powder, which is 59% finer than before, densely fills in pores for a thinner and smoother coverage.
The triple-layer film former, which has added one more flexible film layer, shows an ultra-fixing coverage that stays clean without fading as if it were fixed with a fixer.
The upgraded Comfort Velvet Matte™ provides perfect coverage for any skin and make your skin look healthy.
The Comfort Velvet Matte™ provides healthy coverage complete with 100ppm low molecular hyaluronic acids to inhibit skin dryness, 100ppm phytosterol for skin soothing and sebum control, and 40ppm beta glucan.
An EVE certified product that is completely free from paraben, allergen flavoring, and 7 harmful ingredients (animal ingredient, paraben, talc, polyacrylamide, tar, imidazolidinyl urea, Triethanolamine).
How to use
Apply the appropriate quantity of this product to the skin evenly.




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