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ETUDE Ginger Sugar Melting Balm ( 5 COLORS)

ETUDE Ginger Sugar Melting Balm ( 5 COLORS)

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Ginger Sugar Melting Balm
Moisturizing and comforting lip balm with a dewy glow

- Clear & Dewy Glow
Clear and transparent, water-like dewy glow

- Ginger Sugar's Specialty, Deep Moisture
Moisturizing lip balm with ginger/sugar ingredients, shea butter, and rich oils for ultimate hydration
Soothing and moisturizing melting balm for daily use

- Soft Melting Balm
Soft melting balm that melts as soon as it touches the lips,
with carefully blended ingredients of a low melting point

  • Certified by Korean agency of Vegan Certifications and Services

SIZE: 2.3g

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