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LANEIGE Neo Cushion Matte 15g*2(main item+1 refill)

LANEIGE Neo Cushion Matte 15g*2(main item+1 refill)

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Close contact for lighter and more radiant look with neo-texture.
Still thin but with improved coverage, it says goodbye to redness and has strong 50-hour durability even in sweat and sebum during summer, showing a more seamless color for a neo-fit that resembles my skin.
No more to the cushions without mask stains, this is a product that goes back again to the Neo era.
Unprecedented convenience provided by Neo Dot.
It's a new product upgraded reflecting honest reviews of 30 consumers.
Using Neo's 2-STEP SEAMLESS method, which splits small and spreads widely.
It is a light-seamless fit that is lighter and closer to the skin.
With Neo's SEAMLESS technology, 0.17um ultrafine particle powder is blended thinly and evenly on the skin, showing a coverage that has become thinner but more refined.
It sets into the skin 1.5 times better and presents a 99.99% contact-free effect as we head towards the world free from any kinds of contacts beyond your mask.
This close-fitting sheath puff has sheath-shaped pockets that hold onto the product and then expel it as they open and close every time you are using the cushion.
It has sheer and even coverage and its plant-derived ingredients make it feel comfortable as soon as it touches the skin, showing 96.97% satisfaction with the puff that feels comfortable when it touches the skin.
It's lighter than ever, but with 50 hours of uninterrupted coverage, more intense coverage, 24-hour hydration, and a mild formula you won't want to miss - all tested for skin irritation and primary irritation on sensitive skin.
According to reviews, "It spreads lightly and thinly, it doesn't feel sticky after use, and it finishes refreshingly by 96.97%. The skin color does not darken or become dull and maintains by 90.91%.”
Featured ingredients
Neo's SKIN BOOSTER COMPLEX™ makes the skin glow from the inside.
It provides elasticity by containing panthenol.
It contains Nelumbo Nucifera Extract to act as an antioxidant.
It moisturizes the skin by containing blue hyaluronic acid.
It controls oil with Mentha Arvensis Extract.
How to use
1. Use the product during the foundation stage after skincare.
2. Dispense the product in a puff and apply it to the entire face along the skin texture. Apply one more layer to increase the coverage.
3. When there is no more product coming out when you press the cushion with your finger, the product is used up and please replace it with a new refill.
This is an award limited special set product.

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