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LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask EX 70mL

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask EX 70mL

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Overnight mask featuring Sleeping Micro Biome™ and enhanced Pro-biotics Complex that strengthen the skin’s defense to realize a well-slept, bright and clear complexion.
Quick 5-sec care: Apply and leave it overnight for deeper and richer moisturization. Experience a more supple, radiant, and hydrated skin in the morning yourself.
Recommended for those with sleep-deprived and fatigues skins.
Featured ingredients
Moisture boost: Squalane boosts moisture to create a more supple and smooth-textured skin.
Contains Sleeping Microbiome tm and Strengthen barrier: Probitotics Complex re-balances skin condition and strengthens skin barrier with the patented green probiotics ferment extract that dervied from 23.8 billion probiotics. You will feel the difference as soon as you wake up in the next morning.
In just 1 day: You will feel increased skin moisture, alleviated dullness, increased translucency, increased radiance, alleviated flakes and roughness - 94% of customers reported that their skin condition is improved in the next morning!
FREE from 7 hazardous ingredients and completed 4 skin tests, proven to be safe for sensitive skins.
Eco-friendly: This sleeping pack acquired the first water footprint certificate for the first time in Korean cosmetics industry so that you can enjoy the hydrating benefits with less guilt for the environment.
How to use
Apply to skin at the end of a facial care routine at night before going to bed.

  • #Well-slept skin
  • #Tight & firm skin
  • #Soft skin
  • 01

    Twice as moist and strong as
    a LANEIGE sheet mask*.

    Twice the moisture!
    Twice the softness!
    Twice the clarity!

    A single use equates the effect of
    applying two LANEIGE sheet masks.Moist, soft, and clear   #well-slept skin

    Outstanding skin improvements
    compared to LANEIGE sheet masks
    verified by clinical tests.

    Moisture Level

    WSM only Before After 1 Day +20.473 Sheet mask only* Before After 1 Day +8.296%

    Skin Texture

    WSM only Before After 1 Day -8.449% Sheet mask only* Before After 1 Day -3.660%


    WSM only Before After 1 Day +0.494% Sheet mask only* Before After 1 Day +0.239%

    *LANEIGE sheet mask

  • 02

    Loose, saggy skin to
    tight & firm skin

    Increase in Skin Elasticity

    *Test period: 2020.06.02 - 2020.07.02

    *Subjects: Women aged 20-39 who sleep less than
    an average of 6 hours a day (n=34)

    *Tested by: P&K Skin Research Center

  • 03

    Visibly soft, smooth
    #makeup-ready skin

    Decrease in dead skin cells after use

    *Test period: 2020.02.24 - 2020.03.23

    *Subjects: Women aged 20-35
    who have a sleep disorder (PSQI 8 or higher) (n=29)

    *Tested by: IEC Korea


Water Sleeping Mask EX
  • 23.8 billion

    Improvement in strength & clarity
    with Korea’s first-ever patented
    green tea lactobacillus ferment lysate.

  • Moisture

    Boosted & prolonged hydration until
    the morning with the help of squalene.

  • 7-free formula

    Free of mineral oil, PEG surfactant
    and synthetic pigment.


Soft gel that easily absorbs
in the skin without staining the pillow.

Sustainable Principles of
Water Sleeping Mask

FSC MIX Packaging

FSC paper used

LANEIGE uses FSC-certified paper for
its packages for a sustainable forestry.

Water sleeping mask

Biodegradability of 92.80%

This cream increased the content of
biodegradable ingredients to reduce
the product’s impact on aquatic
environments and to focus on
benefiting the skin.

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