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MISSHA CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Jin Skincare Set 2

MISSHA CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Jin Skincare Set 2

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CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Jin Skincare Set 2

Immerse yourself in the elegance of CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Jin Skincare Set 2, a premium skincare collection designed to enhance your beauty routine. This set is a harmonious blend of traditional wisdom and modern scientific insights, crafted to deliver exceptional skincare benefits.

Key Features

  • Innovative Formulation: At the heart of this skincare set is BIO Gongjin™, a unique ingredient achieved through an extensive 840-hour, 2-stage oil fermentation process, ensuring maximum potency.
  • Enhanced Skin Elasticity: The set includes a sub ingredient, Red Ginseng Oligosaccharide, known for deeply penetrating the skin and enhancing its elasticity, nourishment, and hydration.
  • Collagen Support: Features vegan-certified, high purity fermented collagen, developed through a 100-hour yeast fermentation process, promoting skin elasticity, lifting, and wrinkle improvement.
  • Comprehensive Skincare Kit: The box set comprises SOSAENG JIN TONER (150ml), SOSAENG JIN EMULSION (120ml), along with gifts of SOSAENG JIN CREAM (9ml) and SOSAENG JIN ESSENCE (8ml).

How to Use

  1. Start with Toner: Apply the SOSAENG JIN TONER gently to your face, paving the way for effective absorption of subsequent products.
  2. Follow with Emulsion: Use the SOSAENG JIN EMULSION to lock in moisture and enhance skin's texture.
  3. Enhance with Cream: Apply the SOSAENG JIN CREAM as needed to target specific areas needing extra care.
  4. Complete with Essence: Finish your routine with SOSAENG JIN ESSENCE for an added boost of nourishment.

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