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MISSHA CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Jin Skincare Set 3

MISSHA CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Jin Skincare Set 3

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CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Jin Skincare Set 3

Delve into the world of luxurious skincare with the CHOGONGJIN Sosaeng Jin Skincare Set 3. This exquisite set is designed to cater to your skin's need for firmness and elasticity, blending ancient wisdom with scientific innovation.

Key Features

  • BIO Gongjin™ Essence: Central to this set is the BIO Gongjin™, a meticulously crafted ingredient derived from Gongjindan, known for its potent anti-aging properties. This element is developed through a rigorous 840-hour, 2-stage oil fermentation process.
  • Elasticity Enhancement: The set includes Red Ginseng Oligosaccharide, which is renowned for its ability to deeply penetrate the skin, thereby enhancing elasticity, nourishment, and hydration.
  • Collagen Booster: Contains vegan-certified, high-purity fermented collagen, which is produced through a 100-hour yeast fermentation process. This ingredient is aimed at improving skin elasticity, lifting, and reducing wrinkles.
  • Comprehensive Skincare Collection: The set includes SOSAENG JIN TONER (150ml), SOSAENG JIN EMULSION (120ml), SOSAENG JIN CREAM (60ml), and additional gifts of SOSAENG JIN CREAM (9ml), SOSAENG JIN ESSENCE (8ml), and SOSAENG JIN FOAM CLEANSER (50ml).

How to Use

  1. Toner Application: Begin your regimen with the SOSAENG JIN TONER to prepare your skin for further treatment.
  2. Emulsion Layering: Follow up with the SOSAENG JIN EMULSION to hydrate and balance your skin's texture.
  3. Cream for Targeted Care: Apply the SOSAENG JIN CREAM to areas requiring focused attention.
  4. Essence for Nourishment: Conclude your routine with the SOSAENG JIN ESSENCE for an extra layer of skin nourishment.
  5. Cleanser for Purity: Use the SOSAENG JIN FOAM CLEANSER as the initial step in your skincare process or as needed.

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