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OLIVE YOUNG Care Plus Spot Cover Spot Patch 102 Count

OLIVE YOUNG Care Plus Spot Cover Spot Patch 102 Count

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Volume: 10mm*72ea + 12mm*30ea, total 102 patches

Formulated with hydrocolloid which protects wounds against external substances including water and dust while absorbing exudate secreted from wounds to provide an environment that is suitable for self-recovery.
Designed with thin edges for excellent adherence on the skin.
It has excellent adhesion and stays on the skin longer.
Its transparent material provides great coverage.
Can be protected against daily water use.
Applied with dotted line on the bottom film of the patch for easy separation, which is unique technology of NICO Medical.
Featured ingredients:
Hydrocolloid: Moisture-absorbing dressing to help wounds heal faster

1. Clean the wound area lightly and attach the patch in the center.
2. The patch will become white due to the exudate.
3. The wound will recover and form a new layer of skin.
4. Gently remove the patch from the edges.
Transparent material and

0.1 mm thickness for natural look
without being noticeable

Central hydrocolloid for good absorption,
thick edges for thinness

Transparent material for cover
without being noticeable

Also possible for everyday

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